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A Residential Grease Fire Starts in the Kitchen

9/21/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Tip: Be Careful with Grease Fires in Your Rigby Kitchen

Call SERVPRO For ALL Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs

Grease fires and stove top fires in residential homes are the leading cause of house fires and burns. Grease fires start when oil or fat are left unattended on the stove. They are highly flammable liquids that quickly overheat, ignite, burn and spread out. Cooking fires that ignite shoot upwards, while splashing and burning as the flames are spread to walls, cabinets and nearby appliances and materials. A grease fire can rapidly get out of control leading to the leveling of an entire house.

A residential grease fire in Rigby requires a plan of action. The more you know, the less property will be lost and you remain safe also. First, every home should have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen area and keep it fully charged. Your local fire department can help you refill or recharge it. Every home should also have installed smoke alarms and remember to change the batteries twice a year.
As stressful as a grease fire that erupts can be, try to keep your head to remain safe and keep your family safe by following these steps:
• If the fire starts in a pan, carefully place a lid over it to smother flames. Turn the stove off.

• If the fire spreads outside the pan, cover as much of the pan as you can. Evacuate the house and call for help.

• don't spray your fire extinguisher directly on a grease fire because its forced spray will splatter the oil unless you have the proper extinguisher.

• do not put out a stove fire with water because it further splashes the flames and can cause an explosive action.

• do not use flour or sugar to smother a stove fire because their chemical makeup makes them very explosive and volatile.

• if your clothes catch fire, the saying is to Stop, Drop, and Roll.

• Baking soda is often considered to smother a grease fire. Yes, I know from experience that if you quickly pour a lot on the fire, it will extinguish the fire.

• Turn on the exhaust fan, but not during a fire, only after the fire is out to clear the smoke. Do not turn on the HVAC system or circulate interior air by using ceiling fans. The unwanted smoke may cause more damage than the flames to previously unaffected items and ruin the indoor air quality.
Whether your home was scorched or heavily damaged, SERVPRO is ready and available to help. When a small grease fire singes your walls or cabinets, don't try to take care of things yourself, contact us for an assessment. Our fire restoration process involves a thorough inspection for damages caused by the fire, smoke, and soot.
If water was used to put out a fire or the chemical from a fire extinguisher was used, we could remove the residue, followed by cleaning and sanitizing all surfaces. We can also provide an immediate board up and roof tarp service if needed.
SERVPRO of Rexburg / Rigby is your local go-to company for all your mold, water, or fire damaging occurrence to your property. Call us at (208) 356-0263 and let us get you back to pre-fire condition "Like it never even happened."

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