What our Customers say...


Loved working with this company! Very prompt and great communication. We had a water leak and SERVPRO was there to help us every step of the way. From the mitigation process to the rebuild. We were very satisfied with the work we received. We will definitely go with them again if we encounter any more disasters.

Excellent work! Friendly contacts, good communication with office staff. Thank you - Good experience.

I liked the fact that the bid was so detailed with the costs etc. Everything was listed.

Very Satisfied with the service.

Our apartment complex got water damage after some heavy snow and SERVPRO took care of all the units that got hit. We were lucky to have the least amount of damage. These guys were really amazing. My wall looks as good as new. Also they fixed my blinds in my living room and brought me more slats that were missing from previous damage. And that wasn't even the part of my apartment that had the damage!!! Thank You so much for doing that. If I ever become a home owner these are the guys I'm gonna call if I need them.

It’s never a fun call when you have an emergency, but the crew at SERVPRO were awesome to work with. When it rains it pours we ended up having a leak in our basement and SERVPRO was very responsive and were able to mitigate the damages. I would recommend them to anybody!
Thank you SERVPRO.

My experience with SERVPRO has been very positive.  Everyone was very helpful and things were done in a timely and professional manner.  

I appreciated the constant updates from the crew and for the explaining what they were doing.  They were very professional ad they did a really good job.  

I really dont have anything negative to say about my experience.  I would definitely recommend SERVPRO to family and friends.

A fire in our kitchen over the weekend threatened our 9/11 memorial meal but SERVPRO helped so much to get us cleaned up and moved to another area of the church.  Thank you SERVPRO

SERVPRO tested for mold in a home we were going to buy and discovered a large amount hidden by painting and remodeling.  Thank you SERVPRO for helping us avoid that money pit

SERVPRO responded so fast to our call.  The employees knew just what to do and the one in charge really helped us to feel taken care of

Weekend BBQ gone awry.  SERVPRO helped clean up the mess and got us put back together quickly.

SERVPRO arrived quickly in the middle of the night when a pipe in our business burst.  Their quick response averted what could have been an even bigger disaster

The SERVPRO employees helped me to understand why the mold in my home was so serious and needed to be treated.  They were respectful of my time and belongings

SERVPRO was quick to respond and quick to clean up.  Thank you!!!

As a business owner I understand the concept of customer service.  SERVPRO met all of my expectations and then some

All of the SERVPRO guys who worked at our house were kind, courteous and professional.  They were good about calling before coming and then calling with updates when things were completed.  I was very impressed.  They responded quickly and took care of the damage as fast as possible.  Thank you!

As a result of a late winter storm coming through Rexburg, I had a huge ice damn build up on my roof resulting in water damage to my home.  I called SERVPRO and they quickly solved the problem.  They were all terrific.  Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Rexburg.

There was a lot of mold in my home and SERVPRO removed it all very quickly.  I could not be more impressed with the company and the people who are working there.

SERVPRO performed exactly as I hoped, fast, reliable, and professional.  Thank you.

SERVPRO was highly recommended by a friend of ours who used their services in the past.  They did not disappoint.  Thank you for all you have done.

Although I do not enjoy having to use a restoration company at all, I am happy I have SERVPRO to call.  They were all I could ask for - responsive, quality work, and fair pricing.  Thank you.

Each SERVPRO employee that came was friendly, happy and helpful.  They called before coming and came when they said they would.  Justin and Steven were great to work with, along with their helpers.  Thank you for your good work, SERVPRO.

We appreciated all for their assistance during this incident.  We will definitely use them in the future if we have this occur in the future...hopefully it won't!  Enjoyed working with Cody, he was very helpful and courteous throughout.  Thanks to all who helped us!

I am very pleased with the restoration of my building in Pocatello. You and your SERVPRO crew acted in a very professional manner. My concerns were addressed with a short daily meeting. The work by your team was done in a very professional manner. They showed me the daily restoration work as it progressed. You can be assured that I would use your company in the future if needed.

As the General Manager of Aspen Management, we oversee over 500 Aspen condos and homes. We have used SERVPRO exclusively for water and sewer leaks which require restoration. SERVPRO demolishes and then reconstructs damaged units once the water or sewer leaks have been cleaned up. SERVPRO's professionals reliably handle our mold and water damage issues. 

Travis Poole from SERVPRO has done quite a bit of work for us over the last two years and he has done a tremendous job. They have assisted us with flood remediation, mold damage and other associated projects. Their pricing is fair and their service is very good. We recommend their service without hesitation.

Travis Poole rocks. Travis and SERVPRO have helped me twice in the past year. Travis proved knowledgeable and was accurate in his assessment to remedy the situation. We found that SERVPRO was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. But we felt Travis provided the correct balance of pragmatism and professional expertise to tackle health and safety issues. I'd be happy to expound further. I’m a big fan of Travis and SERVPRO. Thanks.

We would like to express to you how much we appreciate all your extra work. You have been so accommodating and helpful in our effort to buy our home.  We would recommend you to anyone who was in need of restoration or construction, you have been so informative and professional.  It is our hope that the bank will accept your proposals, and that we will have the opportunity to work with you through this process, as we feel so confident in your company.  Again, we can't thank you enough, we really want you to know how much we appreciate your effort on our behalf.  

I am very impressed! It's one thing to have an idea of what goes on during a loss, it's another to personally see it in action. Brad C. was awesome! I was completely confident in what was happening throughout the job. Thank you!

We had LJ and Cody from SERVPRO come into our home. They were on time, professional, knowledgeable and very aware of the situation and what needed to be done to resolve the issue. They were very courteous to us and made sure we were informed and educated about what they were doing. Thank you!

I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you!

We appreciate your help during a time that we needed and appreciate your hard work in getting things back to working order.

This is an excellent company. They assessed our water damage quickly and came up with a remediation plan that was tailored just for us.

My biggest fear was having to deal with a fire in our home, and unfortunately I saw the day where my fears were a reality. Your team was able to help us out, not only restoring our home, but restoring our sense of safety.

I am so glad we called your company when we experienced the flood waters this year inside our home. I have no idea how we would have gotten that all cleaned up on our own.

I don’t have the greatest of health and when the mold started growing, my health started deteriorating more. Once I saw the mold I called you guys right away and you came and took care of the problem for me.

When I got an urgent call from my mother I forgot all about the food on the stove. The fire that proceeded was horrendous, but your team was able to help us clean it all up and repair it, thank you.

I was simply devastated when I saw all the water damage our home sustained after the storms, but your team was able to clean it all up and restore our precious home back to the way it was before.

Our busy lives took us over and we forgot to do regular maintenance on our HVAC system, which unfortunately flooded our home because of this. Your technicians were able to clean up the mess and set up a maintenance schedule we can follow from now on.