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Listen to your mom, Don't Let The Toilet Run

This household experienced significant water damage and thus mold infestation when they ignored the fact that their toilet ran and ran. What they did not reali... READ MORE

Water Heater Damage

SERVPRO responded recently to a vacation home where the hot water heater had rusted through and water had spilled out on to the floor. You can take precautions ... READ MORE

Do It Yourself Sometimes Costly

SERVPRO responded to a call from a homeowner with some pretty serious water issues. This homeowner decided to have a friend help him patch his roof but the fla... READ MORE

Use Caution When Using Space Heaters

A recent SERVPRO loss occurred after a homeowner reported a space heater had caused a fired in their garage. During these cold Idaho months we are tempted to ke... READ MORE

Is It Raining In The Bathroom?

One would not expect water to drip on your head in a local business bathroom but a busted pipe in the ceiling did just that to an unwitting patron. Luckily it w... READ MORE

Contractors Make Mistakes Too

SERVPRO is called to many homes where the roof is damaged and leaking but a recent storm showed that the cause of the leak was from a local roofing company. Th... READ MORE

Cracks in Grout Can Cause Mold

Cracked shower or tub grout is not only unsightly but can lead to mold growth as the water has the perfect opportunity to find its way wunder the cracks and beg... READ MORE

Is That A Tree In My Sewer Line?

Some things just cant be forseen, like this sewer line back up that invaded the space of this local business. Inspections showed that tree roots had infiltrate... READ MORE

What Is Happening During Trips Away From Home?

SERVPRO responded to a call last week about a vacation home that had water damage from a broken pipe. SERVPRO later discovered that for the amount of water tha... READ MORE

Electrical Issues in Garage Affects Entire House

To save on building costs many garages are unfinished and homeowners can easily take this moment to inspect wires to determine if there should be some electrica... READ MORE