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Fixing a mistake

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Our production manager Eric and tech Justin went to Alpine over the weekend to look at the crawl space in a home that’s still under construction. Because the floor joists were not sealed correctly when they were installed by a different company, mold had begun to grow and water was beginning to seep in through the foundation.

SERVPRO is dedicated to being available to our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We make sure that when we start a project we complete it in a timely manner as correctly the first time. Customer service is our number one priority. And we know how bad people want to be back into their homes after a disaster may hit.

Mold can be very dangerous and usually requires a professional for removal so if you suspect you may have mold growth in your home or business please give SERVPRO a call today at (208) 523-5365

Moldy bathrooms

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Our crews were in Jackson, Wy doing a mold job that had occurred because of leak in a customer’s bathroom. This disaster in turn caused mold to grow. If you suspect mold anywhere in your home make sure to call a trusted professional right away.

According to, they offer a little more insight.

Causes - Why and How Mold Grows in the Bathroom

It's very common for mold to be found in bathrooms. One obvious reason why is that there's lots of water and humidity in the bathroom. Frequently running water in the bathroom basin, the bathtub and the shower creates wet surfaces and puddles of water. If you don't dry this moisture out quickly it can easily lead to mold growth. On top of this, when the water in the bathroom does dry out it evaporates into the air and increases the humidity. Steam from the shower or a hot bath also makes the bathroom more humid. Since bathrooms are often not well ventilated the humidity tends to hang around and wet surfaces take a long time to dry out.

If you think you may have a mold disaster, give us a call today at (208) 523-5365.

Water can equal mold

2/1/2019 (Permalink)

This past weekend a family had a flood in their bathroom which resulted in the findings of a lot of other issues. Upon removing the laminate flooring and particle board they found that the stagnate water had created mold!

According to, mold needs water to grow; without water mold cannot grow. Mold also needs food, oxygen and a temperature between 40 degrees and 100 degrees F. Since mold decomposes dead organic (once living) material it can grow on wood, the paper facing on gypsum board (drywall) and other materials made from wood. Molds secrete digestive fluids that decompose the substrate, making nutrients available. Mold can also digest some synthetic materials such as adhesives, pastes and paints. While mold cannot get nutrients from inorganic material such as concrete, glass and metal, it can grow on the dirt present on these surfaces. Molds prefer damp or wet material. Some molds can get moisture from the air when the air is very damp, that is when the relative humidity is above 80%. The high humidity makes surfaces damp enough for mold to grow.

Without taking care of it properly mold can spread rapidly. Mold can grow by extension of hyphae that are like tiny root hairs. In this way, a small colony of mold can expand to cover many square feet of material. Mold can also make spores that are like very small seeds. Spores can survive conditions that are too sunny, hot, cold, dry or wet for mold to grow. When spores are released they can be carried by air or water to new locations. Some spores are so small that they are more affected by air currents than by gravity. When spores land on a damp surface that has food and oxygen available, and if the temperature suits them, they will start to grow. It is important to realize that mold spores are present everywhere, in outside air as well as indoor air – unless very special precautions are taken to remove or kill them.

If you have a fire, water, mold or asbestos disaster make sure to give SERVPRO a call right away. We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sneaky Mold

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

How can mold affect if left untreated? Hold is a very serious issue and should be treated as such. Mold is found everywhere and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. They reproduce by spores, which are carried by air currents. When spores land on a moist surface suitable for life, they begin to grow.

There are many different ways you can learn that there is mold in your home or business. has offered these seven different signs you can look for.

Allergic Symptoms from Mold

If you are having a problem with allergies then there's a good chance there could be mold growing somewhere in your home. Common allergic reactions to mold include sneezing, sore eyes and a runny nose or nasal congestion.

Smelling a Mold Odor

When you have mold growing hidden away in your house, often a moldy smell might be the only clue that it's there. Don't ignore mold odors if you can't see any mold.

Seeing Signs of Mold Growth

Visible mold growth might seem like an obvious sign of mold. However many people don't notice small amounts of mold growth or they think it's just soot or dirt.

Signs of Water Problems

If you have had any long term moisture problems in your house it's usually inevitable they will lead to mold beginning to grow.

Water Leaks

The above signs of water problems in homes are usually created by leaks. However if you already know that you have had a water leak (such as leaking pipes or a leaking ceiling) then just that knowledge by itself, even if you don't see signs of water damage, is a good sign that you might have mold growing in your house around the area where the leak was.

Past Flooding

If your house has been flooded in the past then it's likely that mold would've started to grow. Any mold would probably be growing in places where flood water remained the longest such as in the basement. Floods can often create mold growing out of view behind walls or under floors.


If you see a lot of condensation in your home then it's a sign that you have a high amount of moisture and hence a sign that you could have a mold problem. Condensation will occur on surfaces such as glass windows or metal pipes. Mold could be growing where the condensation builds up and collects. Rusting indoor pipes are a sign that you could have a lot of condensation in your house.

If you suspect mold growth in your home call SERVPRO today at (208) 523-5365

Mold even in the winter!?

1/11/2019 (Permalink)

When dealing with mold you can never let your guard down. It is a year-round battle that never goes on vacation. Mold can occur at any place and time with little warning to you if you don’t know what to look for.

Although there is no way 100% to ever avoid mold, there are definitely ways to fight back and try and keep ahead of the game.

According to these six ways may help to prevent mold growth in the winter.

1. Increase Air Circulation and Reduce Humidity

One cheap and simple step to reduce moisture is to use fans and open windows. By increasing the air circulation in rooms, cold air is less likely to condense in nooks and crannies.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Leaks That Can Let in Excess Moisture

Watch for leaks in common areas such as windows, exterior-to-interior doorways, and the surrounding areas by swamp coolers and skylights.

3. Repair Any Leaky Area Immediately

Mold and mildew can grow at a rapid pace. The longer you leave a leak unattended, the more likely you are to experience mold and the damage that comes with it.

4. Limit the Possible Areas Where Mold and Mildew Can Grow

Since fungi thrive on quick-to-decompose items such as books, piles of loose papers, or boxes of clothing, use strategy when storing these items.

5. Take Care to Keep Entryway Flooring Dry During Wet Weather

In rooms where moisture is a problem, area rugs and other washable floor surfaces are preferred over wall-to-wall carpet, if possible.

6. Use Exhaust Fans in the Kitchen and Bathroom

Boiling water and taking steamy showers provide your home’s environment with plenty of moisture. Make sure not to slack when it comes to turning on exhaust fans, including the one in your oven’s hood, which can help reduce condensation formation.

If you have an issue with mold give SERVPRO a call today at (208) 523-5365

Is mold lurking in your doorway?!

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can strike anywhere moisture is found. Attics and ceilings are two of the most common and sometimes preventable places that mold will show up. Those two spots need to be inspected as often as possible. To keep your home safe call a professional if you suspect mold growth at all.

Here is some tip to identify if mold could be lurking in your doorway.

  • You notice signs of mold such as a mold smell or mold symptoms
  • To identify the species of mold in your home
  • To help you find where mold is growing
  • To test indoor air quality by measuring the number of spores in the air
  • To test if mold in your home has been fully removed

Here at SERVPRO we do FREE mold testing and will always be more than happy to come out and check on your home. 

Maybe mold, maybe not!

5/2/2018 (Permalink)

Here we are using a moisture reader to find any moisture in the floors and walls that could be causing mold in this family’s home. The customer was concerned because their child had recently developed respiratory issues. The parents were suspicious that mold may be the culprit and wanted to rule it out. After finishing our inspection the results came up negative. It is always a good idea to check for mold if you have any lingering suspicions at all.

Mold is a fungus that likes to grow in spaces with lots of moisture. Leaks in roofs, windows, and pipes or places that have been flooded are all hot spots for mold exposure. Mold also grows well on paper and wood products, ceiling tiles and cardboard. It is a nasty little fungus that will try and make its way on anything it possibly can. Good News?! SERVPRO can help! If you are worried that there could be mold in your home or office please give us a call to receive your FREE mold inspection.

Let a pro take care of your mold

4/2/2018 (Permalink)

Mold occurs quite often. The source of the molds, the spores themselves, can float into your home in the air, on pets' fur or hair and peoples' clothing. It can already be inside if there are moist places, hidden away in closets, utility or laundry rooms and even under the sinks in the kitchen or bathrooms. Air ducts are a favorite collection point of mold spores since being airborne organisms; they readily are circulated throughout your home. SERVPRO recommends keeping the RH-relative humidity of your home below 45%. This does inhibit the proliferation of mold colonies.

Mold can impact people with negative health effects. It can undermine building materials as it consumes the cellulose food source. The fuel for molds can be anything that is organic. Including wood, that wallboard, and furniture as well as clothing and fabric on the furniture. It needs moist spaces and relatively stale air. It thrives inside walls, especially when a leaking pipe creates the perfect conditions for moisture, warmth, and lack of sunlight.

Certain precautions must be exercised in mold remediation servicing. If you are not in a situation to handle this in a certified, safe way, and few homeowners are, calling a mold remediation and restoration company like SERVPRO is the best defense against a mold attack. Mold remediation is not a wise DIY project. Let the pros resolve the issues.

All A/C and heating systems will be turned off to stifle the circulation of mold spores. Skilled SERVPRO  technicians, following IICRC industry standards, will vacuum out the air ducts using an HEPA filtration system. Antifungal, antimicrobial, and disinfecting products will be introduced within the HVAC unit to destroy mold and mitigate the chance of reoccurence. Bear in mind, it is unprofessional, and inaccurate, to claim total elimination of mold and mold spores from a household. Properly conducted mold remediation will return the interior environment of your home to a safe and sanitary condition. 

Containment is critical to keeping the dislodged spores from floating into otherwise uncontaminated areas. The process of finding and removing molds may require the tearing out of building materials that have been contaminated. This means the demolition of walls, ceilings or floors if grossly affected. Specialty sponges are used by the SERVPRO experts to help wipe down and remove mold growth. It extreme cases, porous materials like drywall may require bagging and disposing of in certified centers for contaminated and biohazardous materials.

These fungi are not something to treat as an afterthought, so if you detect or suspect the presence of this call SERVPRO of Idaho Falls/Rexburg (208) 523-5365 for quick and safe mold remediation.

Get Home Inspection For Mold BEFORE Purchase

1/31/2018 (Permalink)

This local homeowner contacted SERVPRO a little to late.

He had purchased his home with a clean disclosure statement from the seller.  However, within a short amount of time it became evident that mold was growing rampant in the kitchen and living room area.

A small leak in the walls had gone undiscovered and was creating the perfect growing conditions for mold to thrive in the warm, poorly ventilated environment.

The homeowner noticed a small wet spot in the corner carpet and pulled it up to see mold growing there.  After pulling up more of the carpet he could tell the problem was much bigger than he had hoped for.

SERVPRO workers discovered mold not only under the carpet in to the sub floor but it also ran up the walls in the kitchen and living areas.  

Had the homeowner contacted SERVPRO before he purchased the home. mold air quality testing could have been preformed and then the he could have negotiated the mold remediation in the price of the home

Poor Ventilation Aides Mold Growth

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is on the job today in a home with mold in various places throughout house.

Mold in your home doesn’t have to come from a broken pipe or a water loss that wasn’t taken care of fast enough.

The mold being treated today is actually the result of poor ventilation in the home.

Mold was found in several places around the home, but the areas most affected were in fact baseboards and sheet rock that had free standing cabinets placed in front of the wall.  This allowed for a dark and undisturbed area in which mold was free to grow.

One of the benefits of modern homes is the fact that they are more air tight and keep out those cold Idaho winters. However, in older homes if not regulated correctly, humidity along with a poorly ventilated area can allow mold unchecked.

If you find mold in your home call SERVPRO and let us put our experience, training, and certification to work for you.

Poor Ventilation Aides Mold Growth

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is on the job today in a home with mold in various places throughout house.

Mold in your home doesn’t have to come from a broken pipe or a water loss that wasn’t taken care of fast enough.

The mold being treated today is actually the result of poor ventilation in the home.

Mold was found in several places around the home, but the areas most affected were in fact baseboards and sheet rock that had free standing cabinets placed in front of the wall.  This allowed for a dark and undisturbed area in which mold was free to grow.

One of the benefits of modern homes is the fact that they are more air tight and keep out those cold Idaho winters. However, in older homes if not regulated correctly, humidity along with a poorly ventilated area can allow mold unchecked.

If you find mold in your home call SERVPRO and let us put our experience, training, and certification to work for you.

Black Mold 101

11/16/2017 (Permalink)

Because of its color all black mold is considered dangerous.  That is not the case.  There are, however, a few species of black mold that are toxic.  There are several strains of black mold and the best way to determine if it is one of the bad kinds is through testing. 

SERVPRO of Rexburg/Rigby has certified mold restoration experts who can not only test the area, but also safely remove the toxic mold as well.  Because the danger level increases with exposure, timely testing is highly recommended.

A few things to consider:

1. Does mold smell?  Yes, it smells like mildew and must.

2. Where is it typically? Basements, Bathrooms, Attics, Laundry Areas, Kitchens, Carpet, and Building Materials.

Black mold can be in a lot of places.

NEVER attempt removal of black mold alone.  Professional removal is necessary as disturbing mold can release huge amounts of spores into the air.  If you have or suspect you have mold issues, please contact SERVPRO of Rexburg/Rigby and let our certified technicians solve the problem.

Furniture Mold Removal

11/13/2017 (Permalink)

If you suspect an odor or stain is due to mold damage, extra care should be taken to restore your furniture.  First thing that you need to do is to stop source that allowed the mold to grow in the first place.  Mold thrives in damp areas such as your bathroom or basement.  

Sometimes unexpected damage can occur from a broken water pipe and it can reach furniture or other items in your home.  Mold can be dangerous and really requires the help of a trained and certified professional.  At SERVPRO of Rexburg/Rigby we have trained technicians who can safely eliminate any mold issue.

Does Your Home Have a Mold Problem?

8/8/2017 (Permalink)

Finding mold in your home is not an experience anybody wants to have. It usually brings a lot of questions, and it should. Mold spores are everywhere so removing mold entirely from your home is not a realistic goal.  The mold remediation process reduces the mold spore count to its natural or baseline level.

Facts about mold

  • Mold is present almost everywhere
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air. They may enter your home through windows, doors, AC/ heating systems, or can come in on your clothing or pets.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can grow quickly into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens or irritants.
  • Mold often produces a strong musty odor that can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If you suspect your home has a mold problem call us so we can use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

Do Not Waste Your Time Testing - Get Valuable Mold Damage Remediation Services In Island Park Today

4/4/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Can Inspect for Mold Growth in Your Island Park Home, then Remediate

Island Park Mold Service is Readily Completed by SERVPRO

It is one thing to have a mold remediation specialist enter your home to inspect and assess possible damages or mold contamination that exists. It is something else entirely to have a company charge you for mold testing services that make you wait for a response from a testing facility.
Any mold found in your Island Park area home should get your direct attention. Mold damage exists because there is a problem, regardless of the kind or amount of mold found, professional services are your best option for getting things under control and returning your home to a clean, safe, secure environment for you and your family to enjoy.
It is a waste of your time and money to get the kind of mold found in your home identified. Purchasing a home mold testing kit from your local grocery store, taking a sample, and waiting for results wastes valuable time needed to save the contents and personal belongings caught up in the affected area.
In fact, self-testing often leads to disturbing the area and causes additional damages to develop, while also causing you to spread the contamination to other clean areas of your home. SERVPRO can provide you with the equipment necessary to contain the contaminated area and catch or control airborne microscopic spores that take flight once the affected area has been disturbed.
Take the opportunity to contact us, SERVPRO can perform these services for you and prevent additional damages from forming. It only takes 24 to 48-hours for mold to contaminate an area of your home. Waiting for testing results from a laboratory often takes up to 72-hours, making the problem far worse by the time you figure out that you need help. Besides, a typically visible mold is a test onto itself.
So, avoid making the mistake that some unfortunate homeowners make. Turn to a company with expertly trained mold remediation technicians. SERVPRO offers 24-hour emergency services, technicians who can work when you need them and provide you with any of the services you need to return your home’s indoor air quality and environment to one that you and your family can enjoy without worrying.
Contact SERVPRO of Rexburg – Rigby for a fast response to your request for help. We work with your insurance company if you have coverage, manage the entire process, and provide you with the services you deserve. (208) 356-0263

Black Mold on Walls or Ceilings in Your Driggs Home? Don't Panic!

2/22/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Remediates Mold in Driggs

Call SERVPRO for Driggs Property Mold Remediation

Mold comes in many different colors. Black is one of them. Black mold is sometimes heard about on the news, while other colors of these fungi are left undiscussed. But not all black mold is the toxic black mold that makes headlines.

Homes in Driggs can be damaged by mold of any color, and some can lead to health effects. Black mold seems much more threatening though it does not produce mycotoxins much different from other species.

Any mold, regardless of color, can cause health effects in people. Some people are more sensitive to the various elements of molds found in their home. Sometimes, the health effects experienced are heightened because of the increased humidity that allowed large colonies of mold to proliferate. SERVPRO does not just remediate black mold. We help homeowners by setting up dehumidification systems that can mitigate mold growth, thus, helping to alleviate these health effects.

Several different government agencies have information, backed by some extensive scientific study, about mold. What we have learned is that the facts are vastly different from what many people believe about mold of any type. The media, often to gain higher ratings, often use sensationalized stories in the news and also in much different 'based on real life' dramas. The scientific findings, though, have resulted in a much less dramatic picture of mold, including black mold, and their dangers. We at SERVPRO want to calm any fears you may have about black mold.

Part of the belief regarding black mold as being more harmful than mold of other colors could also stem from a common misconception. Many people view things of a dark or black color as more sinister than its equivalent of another color. This stereotype holds true for good guy vs. bad guy scenarios, felines, magic, and many other things. We even categorize highly contaminated water from sewage or storms as "Black Water."

The CDC has stated that “the term 'toxic mold' is not accurate.” Any mold in and of itself, of any color, is not toxic. Any toxicity comes from what is produced by certain types of mold, called a mycotoxin. There are only a few strains of mold that produce mycotoxins, and one, Stachybotrys chartarum, also known as Stachybotrys atra, happens to be black in color.

Stachybotrys is the strain of mold that has many people nervous and ready to vacate their home when found. Leaving your home is not the right reaction. Not all is lost, and your family will not automatically begin to have life-threatening illnesses because of exposure to this or any other type of mold. SERVPRO has helped many families regain control of their homes, so they never had to leave. From initial inspection through containment and remediation, rely on us to resolve your mold infestation.

There are over a thousand varieties of mold in the USA alone, which is a fraction of the number of mold types worldwide. This microbe lives everywhere on the planet, including indoor areas, and also those outdoors. Mold not only looks unsightly but can eat at the cellulose found in so many materials that we use and possess. Our daily activities often involve items that are plant-based and therefore susceptible to damage from mold infestation.

Black mold can be controlled and infestations treated in the same manner that mold contamination of any other color is controlled and treated. SERVPRO of Rexburg / Rigby knows just how to take your nightmarish discovery and get everything back under control for you. If you are worried you may have black mold, call us at (208) 356-0263.

Mold Inspection And Mold Restoration Process In Driggs

11/10/2016 (Permalink)

Mold requires a higher than normal level of moisture and a food source to expand and grow.

Mold Inspection

Mold requires a higher than normal level of moisture and a food source to expand and grow. When that does happen, the process to clean it out is not simple. It's not enough to just spray bleach on visible mold and then paint over it.

If you need us to perform a mold inspection in your Driggs home, SERVPRO will send in its inspectors for a complete check regardless of the amount of mold or how far it may have spread. It is part of the plan we develop based on five principles to contain, treat and document the mold restoration process.

One - Provide for the health and safety of you and our employees. Our safety practices ensure that occupants are secure in the uncontaminated areas of a home and that our staff's health is protected in the contaminated work site.

Two - Document the conditions and processes used. Our technicians record the conditions throughout your home. This includes not just the mold infestation, but the amount of moisture present as well.

Three - Control the mold contamination at the source. Mold has to be kept from spreading to unaffected areas while cleaning and restoration are in progress. As an example, we place heavy plastic sheeting to seal off entrances and other openings to the affected area.

Four - Remove the contamination. This is accomplished using two methods: cleaning and removal. Mold can be removed using cleaners and special vacuums designed for the purpose. If the mold has begun damaging building materials such as drywall, it will have to be removed from the affected area and disposed of properly.
Five - Reduce moisture levels. This is how to prevent mold from returning. If the moisture isn't dealt with, a single mold spore can start the whole problem all over again. Our technicians use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans to reduce moisture levels to a point appropriate for your home.

If you have mold or simply suspect there may be contamination in your home, contact us at (208) 356-0263 to schedule an inspection. SERVPRO of Rexburg / Rigby is ready to help our fellow Idahoans put their homes and lives back to normal.

Ririe Mold Remediation--Professionals Are Your Best Defense

4/4/2016 (Permalink)

Mold on Bread--Throw It Out Mold in Your Ririe Residence--Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Can Safely Restore Your Ririe Residence with Mold Remediation

Ririe mold remediation should always be considered as a matter left to the professionals. These fungi develop into large colonies from mold spores which are in nature all around you. Spores are in virtually every household, lying dormant, waiting for the right conditions to start a bloom. Mold removal and remediation from your Ririe home should be looked into quickly when discovered.

This mold can take over large areas if allowed to remain after it has been detected. Contrary to popular lure, mold species, there being thousands, are not often harmful to humans or animals. They can cause negative health effects, but usually in the old, the very young, and individuals with immune system disorders. Some people are sensitive to the allergens and mycotoxins which can be produced by mold colonies. 

Mold requires three factors to flourish into colonies: a food source which may be cellulose products like wood, and most other organic laced products around the home. Also, a fair amount of moisture, and shaded cool areas away from direct sunlight. This means that the only indicator you may have is a musty odor coming from a closet or the basement if not a crawlspace. One of the reasons you may be getting molds, now, after all of this time, is that you may have had a leaking faucet or pipe, somewhere in your house. That leaking pipe, appliance or water heater could be the cause for activating any mold spores you do have, and this is the time that growth gets started.  A call to a mold remediation company like SERVPRO is a wise decision to make. An infestation takes 48-72 hours to start to gain steam. It Can then grow at a good rate, especially in dark, undetected voids within your Ririe home.

The entire home should be inspected to locate, not only molds but spaces that are the perfect environment for their growth. This means those closed areas, under sinks, and behind walls and above ceilings. The professionals from SERVPRO have the equipment such as infrared cameras to distinguish heat variations inside walls which help determine the possibility of a mold infestation.

Several actions that you should not take before a professional gets there:
Do not allow elderly folks or kids into visible infestation points
Do not expose the mold to a fan as this can spread it around the house.
Do not disturb or touch the mold in any way.
Do not use bleach on it.
Do not try to dry it out yourself as the spores can become airborne and contaminate more areas of your home. If your HVAC system is on, turn it off immediately to prevent circulation through the duct work.

During a complete inspection, the mold remediation and restoration experts from SERVPRO can locate, contain and remediate the molds. The source of the moisture must be identified and fixed or else the mold growth can return. The techs will use foggers to broadcast antifungal, antimicrobial, and deodorizing products in the required sequence. Air scrubbers can also be employed to purge the air of many mold spores. HEPA filtration systems, protective clothing, and gear, along with specialized equipment and chemical products can remediate the mold infestation in your Ririe home and restore your space to a safe condition "Like it never even happened."

Since mold is not something for the faint of heart, when you do notice some, time is of the essence. It is not possible to eliminate all traces of mold infestations and spores, so call SERVPRO of Rexburg / Rigby at (208) 356-0263 for rapid response and complete care to get the most out of the service.