What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

SERVPRO tested for mold in a home we were going to buy and discovered a large amount hidden by painting and remodeling.  Thank you SERVPRO for helping us avoid that money pit

The SERVPRO employees helped me to understand why the mold in my home was so serious and needed to be treated.  They were respectful of my time and belongings

There was a lot of mold in my home and SERVPRO removed it all very quickly.  I could not be more impressed with the company and the people who are working there.

We would like to express to you how much we appreciate all your extra work. You have been so accommodating and helpful in our effort to buy our home.  We would recommend you to anyone who was in need of restoration or construction, you have been so informative and professional.  It is our hope that the bank will accept your proposals, and that we will have the opportunity to work with you through this process, as we feel so confident in your company.  Again, we can't thank you enough, we really want you to know how much we appreciate your effort on our behalf.  

We had LJ and Cody from SERVPRO come into our home. They were on time, professional, knowledgeable and very aware of the situation and what needed to be done to resolve the issue. They were very courteous to us and made sure we were informed and educated about what they were doing. Thank you!

I don’t have the greatest of health and when the mold started growing, my health started deteriorating more. Once I saw the mold I called you guys right away and you came and took care of the problem for me.