What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

A fire in our kitchen over the weekend threatened our 9/11 memorial meal but SERVPRO helped so much to get us cleaned up and moved to another area of the church.  Thank you SERVPRO

Weekend BBQ gone awry.  SERVPRO helped clean up the mess and got us put back together quickly.

Travis Poole rocks. Travis and SERVPRO have helped me twice in the past year. Travis proved knowledgeable and was accurate in his assessment to remedy the situation. We found that SERVPRO was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. But we felt Travis provided the correct balance of pragmatism and professional expertise to tackle health and safety issues. I'd be happy to expound further. I’m a big fan of Travis and SERVPRO. Thanks.

I am a very satisfied customer! Thank you!

My biggest fear was having to deal with a fire in our home, and unfortunately I saw the day where my fears were a reality. Your team was able to help us out, not only restoring our home, but restoring our sense of safety.

When I got an urgent call from my mother I forgot all about the food on the stove. The fire that proceeded was horrendous, but your team was able to help us clean it all up and repair it, thank you.