Commercial Photo Gallery

A Leaky Ceiling in Rexburg, ID

One would not expect water to drip on your head in a local business but a busted pipe in the ceiling did just that to an unwitting patron.  SERVPRO was called and repairs were made quickly.

Sewer Back Up Hard to Predict, Rexburg, ID

Some things just cant be forseen, like this sewer line back up that invaded the space of this local business.  Inspections showed that tree roots had infiltrated the sewer lines and it had to be snaked

36 Apartments Flooded During Storm Event In Idaho Falls, ID

Due to the warm/cold winter in Eastern Idaho, ice dams were a common occurrence in the region.  On the heels of another below zero cold spell followed for a few days by above freezing temperatures, a thirty-six apartment complex flooded.  The picture you see was what SERVPRO of Rexburg/Rigby saw in literally every apartment.  Water damage on the carpet and pad, as well as the drywall and baseboard.  In addition, you will see mold above the baseboard and possibly throughout the drywall front and back.  This is the result of the area remaining wet for a longer period of time.  SERVPRO dried out the entire complex and replaced or repaired all the damage to the structure.  The complex owners were thrilled with the results.

Rexburg Water Removal to a Fitness Center

The broken water line puddled water on the elastic type floor covering of this Rexburg establishment. The rapid removal of the water prevented the gym equipment from rusting and becoming dangerous to use. Key is minimal disruption and downtime for the business.

Rigby Water Damage to a Showroom

The water leaked from the supply line in the restroom by the ladder in the photo. We suctioned out the standing water from the tile flooring and used some equipment to remove the remaining moisture rapidly. SERVPRO strives to help our commercial clients.

Commercial Motel Water Damage

This motel had a leak in the roof that showed resulted in a water damaged ceiling in Idaho Falls. The leak was patched and then the ceiling could be dried out and treated with sanitizing products.