Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Signs Your Electricity Needs Looked At Rexburg, ID

Faulty wiring caused this garage so start fire with little warning but some there were a few indicators of an issue.  The owner stated that the lightswitch had sparked and she smelled something funny when she turned on the light that evening.  

Space Heater Cause of Garage Fire in Rexburg, ID

Electric space heaters can cause a lot of damage when left unattended in the garage.  This homeowner found that out the hard way when he came home from shopping to discover a pet had tipped it over and it ignited nearby materials. 

Fire Damage in Rexburg, ID Home

This fire damaged property was the result of an owner emptying an ash tray into a waste paper basket full of tissue in the bathroom.  Although ashes can appear to be completely out, they have the ability to smolder for days.  The results can be terrible.

The ash, soot, and fire smell caused significant damage to the entire main floor.  The customer was thrilled with how quickly SERVPRO was able fix the problem and how clean they left the home.  

Attic Fire in St. Anthony, ID

SERVPRO of Rexburg/Rigby, ID was called in to remove all of the attic insulation that was saturated and subject to mold issues that resulted from the fireman's hose.  There was obvious soot and smoke damage to the home.

Fire Damage – Rexburg Home

Fire damage at this Rexburg home was severe. There was major soot and smoke damage and several windows had been blown out. SERVPRO reached the site of the disaster quickly and boarded up the broken windows before beginning the extensive fire damage restoration project.

Devastating Fire in Rexburg

Fortunately, this fire damaged was contained in a small wing of the house. Our technicians removed all the charred and non-salvageable items and building materials, dried out the remaining moisture left behind by the firefighters, and then removed the smoke odors and soot residues. This was the proper process before a rebuild could get underway.