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Wild Fires in Wyoming

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has been on the scene in Pinedale, Wyoming helping to clean up the aftermath of the wild fires that started on mid-September 2018. Our crews have been working tirelessly trying to get families whom have been affected by this disaster back to their everyday life. We have been cleaning and restoring person belongings, flooring, and anything else that may have been touched by this horrible smoke residue.

As of September 21st there were over 230 homes evacuated and over 34,000 acres burned. There has been a ton of help in trying to stop this fire from continuing to spread. The response includes air tankers, helicopters, engines, and tons of fire firefighters trying to get control of this enormous blaze!

SERVPRO is dedicated to doing anything and everything to make sure these families who have suffered through this disaster will be able be back to normal as soon as possible.

If you have a cleaning or restoration disaster that you need assistance with give SERVPRO a call today at (208) 523-5365 .

Idaho Preparedness Fair

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

The Idaho falls preparedness fair was a great opportunity for SERVPRO to get out in our community and share some of the things that we deal with on a day to day basis.

We were able to help better prepare people of the dangers of all kinds of disasters as well as educate them on ways to prepare the best they can in the event of a disaster.

The day itself was a huge success. There were a ton of vendors and attendees. We handed out swag, did giveaways, and engaged the crowed with a game of cornhole.

The importance of the Preparedness fare is to help people get a better understanding on how to deal with a situation when or if a disaster of any kind may hit. Our goal is to give them the tools they need to so they can be prepared in a situation that sometimes seem very scary to some. We enjoyed being at this event and will definitely be back again next year!

In the event a disaster hits you, please give SERVPRO a call. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Be careful with that insulation

8/31/2018 (Permalink)

Some people are unaware how dangerous insulation in their homes. Most are careful about the amount of insulation installed, but often the type, the age, and other quality factors are ignored. Being educated about potential health, and safety, issues is an important way to protect your home and family.

Asbestos, Zonolite, and mold are all dangers that can lurk inside of insulation and all cause different threats.

Asbestosis is a serious, non-cancerous disease of the lungs that is caused by inhaling asbestos fibers. The lung tissue is irritated and scarring occurs, making it hard for oxygen to get into the blood. There is no effective treatment for asbestosis.


Another dangerous insulation that was produced well into the 1980s, Zonolite, was manufactured by the Grace Company. Zonolite was produced using sharp vermiculite crystals and looks like small, 1/4 to 1/2 inch puffy nuggets. The respiratory dangers are similar to asbestos.


Mold and fungus will damage and discolor the walls, floors and ceilings in homes. If left unchecked, it can damage the structural integrity of the building by eating away at the wood and drywall. It can also cause breathing problems.

There are certainly ways to avoid the dangers that come with insulation. If you do decide to make changes or upgrades to your home you will want to consider an energy efficient home renovation. That means that you will need to look into more of a simple energy solution. Including alternative forms of insulation.

If you happen to have a disaster please give us a call at (208)523-5365. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your cleaning and restoration needs. We are on call so we can be there immediately to help you with your disaster.

Fire safety

8/30/2018 (Permalink)

When dealing with residential fire safety, time is of the essence. Fire spreads quickly and relentlessly. Fire is unforgiving and quick to engulf anything and everything in its path. In just two short minutes, a fire can become life threatening. In just five minutes, an entire home can be engulfed in flames.

Being aware is not enough but knowing the proper preventative actins to take may help. Here is some expert’s advice that may help.

-Having a working smoke alarm provides a 50% better chance of surviving.

-Overloading electrical circuits, ignoring frayed cords, and running extension cords as a permanent source of power are also common hazards. Extension cords should only be used temporarily. Not as a permanent solution.

-Make sure your family designates an outside meeting place in the event of a fire.

-It’s best to make the kitchen no-child zone if you can.

-Make “fall & crawl” a part of the escape routine so children understand that the temperature and air quality are more survivable lower to the ground.

-Always have an emergency plan and go over it over and over again. The more your children know and remember the better the situation will be. Practice makes perfect and understanding the plan helps.

If you happen to have a disaster please give us a call at (208)523-5365. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for all your cleaning and restoration needs. We are on call so we can be there immediately to help you with your disaster.

Fire Season Is Here

7/27/2018 (Permalink)

With these hot temperatures warming up the Eastern Idaho region, you will need to be very careful with all of your outdoor activities. If it becomes very hot, windy, and dry it is probably a good idea to limit your outdoor activities that might possibly result in a wildfire. Burning debris and target shooting are a couple activities that need to be rethought if the weather is too hot.
Because of the lack of snow pack this year there is a higher risk of fires. Snowpack keeps the ground and soil moist by covering it longer into spring and summer which in turn influences the onset of fire season as well as the widespread and seriousness of wildfires.
As many as 90% of wild fires in the United States are caused by burning of debris, campfires being left unattended, throwing out cigarettes, and simply people intentionally starting fires, aka arson.
Because of this, wildfires threaten thousands of homes a year.
suggests these steps.
1.       Review your evacuation plan checklist
2.       Ensure that your emergency supply kit is in your vehicle
3.       Cover-up to protect against heat and flying embers. Wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, heavy shoes and boots, and goggles or glasses. 100% cotton is always preferred
4.       Locate your pets and take them with you to safety
Always remember that if you are evacuated and then able to return home to be alert and look over a few things.
1.       Always be alert for downed power lines and other hazards,
2.       Check propane tanks, regulators, and lines before turning on your gas
3.       Check your residence carefully for any hidden embers or smoldering fires
If you do unfortunately happen to have fire damage on your home make sure to call a professional like SERVPRO to help with your disaster.

Harsh Weather

7/25/2018 (Permalink)

Harsh weather in Idaho can really do a number on residential and commercial buildings. One of the job we are currently on we are tearing out an overhang that is molding, rotting, and falling apart due to crazy weather conditions.

The most important function for a roof overhang is to help keep water off siding, windows, and doors. I it obviously impossible to stop all the rain from getting to your walls, a wide roof overhang will make a big difference for you. Although, and overhang that might be trying to keep a more than two story building dry will be much less unsuccessful than a one-story building would be.

Replacing an overhang is a big job and should be completed by a professional. There is a lot of important steps and safety precautions that need to be taken before you can even get started. Weather is always a factor as well when you are doing an outside repair. Rain, wind, snow and hail seem to be tricky and sneaky all at the same time.

Our employees are highly trained and are devoted to staying safe and keeping others safe. The have continued education available to all employees as well as training that allows them to continue to learn while working with SERVPRO. We are dedicated to having the most experienced and safe employees possible.

If you need a professional to help with your disaster, call SERVPRO at (208) 523-5365. We will make look “Like it never even happened”.

Boiler room leak

7/11/2018 (Permalink)

A boiler room leak can be a huge problem. Not only can it lead to rust and corrosion, but any other issues. Four main reasons it can be quite possibly be is pressure issues, damaged seals, cracks in the body and loose joints. Corrosion will cause pipes and tanks to weaken overtime allowing water to leak. If water is to leak, that will open your building up to a whole new batch of issues.

No matter what the reason, having water leaking in the building is always a bad sign. If you let it go untreated it can lower the value of your property and possibly make it harder to sell. It can be an eyesore and extremely hard to cover up with paint. An inspector can spot it easily and report it which in turn can make a potential buyer less interested in purchasing your property. It can also cause a ton of external damage as well.

It can also damage ceilings. The longer you wait to hire a company to clean it up, the bigger your problem will become. Paint on the ceilings can discolor and plaster may bulge. It can also lead to holes in you concrete, ruin your electricity, break down carpet, ruin your drywall, and cause health hazards.

If you suspect any leaking please call the professionals at SERVPRO so we can help make it look “Like it never even happened.”

Is mold lurking in your doorway?!

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can strike anywhere moisture is found. Attics and ceilings are two of the most common and sometimes preventable places that mold will show up. Those two spots need to be inspected as often as possible. To keep your home safe call a professional if you suspect mold growth at all.

Here is some tip to identify if mold could be lurking in your doorway.

  • You notice signs of mold such as a mold smell or mold symptoms
  • To identify the species of mold in your home
  • To help you find where mold is growing
  • To test indoor air quality by measuring the number of spores in the air
  • To test if mold in your home has been fully removed

Here at SERVPRO we do FREE mold testing and will always be more than happy to come out and check on your home. 

Sneaky Sneaky

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Water can be an extremely sneaky substance. It can hide in areas that you would never in a million years even think to look. If you even slightly suspect water might be present in your home you should always call a professional. If caught soon enough the costs for repair can be reduced significantly.

The professionals at SERVPRO are trained and certified in dealing with this exact issue. We have the tools and knowledge to stop that sneaky water buildup in its tracks. Our ultimate goal is to help restore your items and ultimately make your disaster look like it never even happened.

If you think you may have a water problem give SERVPRO a call so we can set up an appointment to come out and inspect the area.

A Day of Remembrance

5/25/2018 (Permalink)

Memorial Day, was inaugurated in 1868. It was previously designated Decoration Day, for the purpose of decorating the graves of Civil War veterans. Memorial Day has since become a day on which all war dead are commemorated. On Memorial Day, we remember those among us and those who have gone before, who secured for us the precious freedoms that we enjoy today. It is a day to once again acknowledge the price for which our freedom was purchased--a cost beyond measure.

Let us consider briefly the price that has been paid for us to breathe the air of a new morning, to assemble in the park to enjoy a summer concert, to attend worship services in the church of our choice, and to dream the American dream without limitations. Then, let us pause to remember those who have cultivated and tended our land of freedom--with their courage, their tears, their blood and their very lives.

 Our fallen heroes still whisper to us from the grave. If we listen carefully, even today, we can hear the muffled sounds of their call to arms in defense of our nation. This same spirit of freedom is carried in the wind and echoes down through the ages. It is everywhere you look. It can be found in the voices of our children playing in the school yards, in the bountiful goods offered for sale in privately owned places of commerce within our community and in the faces of our citizens in polling places on Election Day.

This spirit can be found in abundance in every corner of every community in this great nation of ours. For this spirit is like an eternal flame. It was lit by the courage and blood of our founding fathers, fanned by the winds of patriots to a brightness beyond description, and then sheltered and protected by members of our Armed Forces from the storms of tyrants and dictators who feared and were blinded by the intense light of liberty and freedom.


Our heartfelt prayers and thanks go out to all of those brave men and women who have stepped forward without hesitation to serve our nation so valiantly in its time of need. These are the qualities that heroes are made of. They are the same qualities that made and have kept America great and free since our founding fathers landed at Plymouth Rock, dedicating their lives to raising up a great republic that would forever be a beacon of freedom to the entire world. We are the land of the free because we are the home of the brave.